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Sometimes this Sylvan is lucky enough to have people talk about her and write stories about her. Since I am a vain one, I have included some of those for your enjoyment.

First a love letter from that Noble One I love so dearly.

All the hunny in the world is less sweet than one small kiss from My Beloved's lips.

All the flowers in the world, and all the nectar therein contained, doth seem as ash beside the nectar and ambrosia of My Beloved's smile.

For what knight in the Land would not brave uncounted perils and the foulest beasts, yea even unto the very portals of the Dark Temple itself, to sip from that cup.
However, china is also good.

Please, no electrical items.
Sleipnir (a possibly humble knight, of possibly no brain at all)

Nikolai Kyrilov has honored me with a poem. Its called Morning Star. Please do read it and praise this most talented bard whenever you see him in the lands.

Healery wrote a poem in honor of the wedding. She is indeed a most talented one too!

And sometimes I am even lucky enough to have music written especially for me!
Meadowdance is one my love wrote to me. He has written another too. A lover´s heart, in three parts. This is from a time we had some.. differences.. Subtitles:

I - The feast of Tsirrin
II - sir West's Company
III - Baba's delight

These are from an amusing series in the news-scrolls. As long as my name is mentioned.....

That lovely healer Brune has drawn a wondrous sketch of me, dancing with a feral. The good healer Kren'daa has colorized it, and the result can be viewed here.

Manx One Ear is one of the most talented ones, and she has done a portrait of My Love and Me.

The very famous and talented artist Sor has made a portrait of me! Hooray!

I have even had a bird named after me! It is the Red-crested Tit, or Parus Rufina Babajaricus.My Love made the first sighting.

Vagile Savane has made The Epic song of Puddleby. Many exiles have their own verse, and here is mine...

Peel an eye for Babs the fleet
True to her knight with love so sweet
To kill so well is no mean feat
Alive and well in Puddleby

At a time when my love spent many, many moons in the library, pining for me and I for him, he wrote this little poem. The good Bizob became inspired and sought to comfort him with another poem.

RQ challenged the clan Hunter to either a race or a poem contest. Clan Hunter chose the poems. In this contest my beloved wrote this wonderful piece, Love´s awakening.