New to Clan Lord?

You have been on DT´s pages and downloaded this demo. Played around a little in Agratis perhaps, the demo area. Been invisible and been shown some places in the real CL world. And you still can´t figure out what this game is about. I wouldn´t either if all I had seen was the demo area. Problem is, I can´t tell you. Neither can anyone else. Of course, I could try to, but whatever I say - it would be only a part of the truth. So how to determine whether this is something for you?

You as a demo player can´t be out there in the real CL world, and yet you need to see what is going on out there to figure out what this game is about. You can sort of be there by downloading some movies from the game. The Fellowship of the Red-Quill (a clan in CL) has a Film Vault where there are a huge collection of movies. These movies shows the actual gameplay and can be made by any player. I have chosen some for you, some of my favorites. There are more in the Film Vault.

You need the whole CL application to view these, and Stuffit Expander to unstuff the file. Click the stone on the left of the description to download the movie.

Holding the bridges - This is from the Orga -War in the year 534, when Bartok the Orga Chief stole our Temple- altar. A GM-run short story that lasted around 2 weeks. The movie is taken during the battle to keep Bartok from stealing it in the first place. A brave Thoom blocks one bridge..

Orga Camp 4 - A movie taken from an attempt to reach a certain area in CL. It´s a tough battle, and it shows some of the game mechanics as well as how the players interact in these situations. It is very special to have so many players in one area at once in most multiplayer-games, but it happens a lot in CL. And to be a part of these huge battles is great.

Snaggywood - Generally the players need to find the new areas that are added to the game, DT don´t tell us. In the v111 update we found a whole new forest. This is a movie from the second group entering the forest, and we had no idea how to get out. Trough the night (night for me anyway), more and more players came, and we had it mapped and on the web in 8 hours. A great experience and a great adventure.

Our new catapult - As new areas need to be found, we also need to learn how to use new features. A group of players are finding out how to operate the catapult. It is now permanently guarding the east gate of Puddleby, but this was the first time players had seen it.

Rescue in DC - Rescuing others are also part of the game. Sometimes you are the one rescuing, other times you are the rescued.. This is from a hunt gone bad in a nasty place called Dark Chamber. The monsters there are not your average rat...

I often find that reading what the players think of a game is more valuable than reading any official words from the company that made it. Or this in this instance, what the characters in the world think about their life. There are some places to do this on the web. Here are some links to pages you might find worthwhile visiting, before you decide. Or even after you have decided.

Babajaga´s House - This is where you are now, this link will take you to the index-page if you came from somewhere else. I write a diary, that functions as a newspaper. I am trying to give information about all the player-plots, or at least those I am aware of.

Norm´s Diary - Another dwarven fighter in CL and his adventures.

Lundar´s Journals - A Sylvan mystic in CL and his adventures.

Thoomcare is the place to go read what is going on in the lands.


See you in Puddleby!

player of Babajaga in Clanlord

Slyph, a Knight-errant
To me, aside from being a decent role-playing environment, Clan Lord holds for me a flavor of high comdey filled with superstition and kangaroo-court-like accusations and fun, howling cries for blood or justice on any given Sombdi.

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