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When I first came to the lands, I was a miserable sight. Not only could I not hit well - but I fought lousy. Luckily enough, I soon realized I needed to learn, not only from the trainers in the Fighter´s Guild, but from exiles that were skilled in combat. I looked around, I saw how others were fighting beasties, while I was on the search for a mentor. I knew what kind of fighter I wanted to be, so I looked for a mentor that had the qualities that I value. I found the mentor in Jo Mamma, and in the Mushroom Hut in town, he agreed to tutor me. A hard period followed, as he was a very demanding mentor. He had me fighting two faithless on Ash Island, before I could even brick them. I had to use the terrain to my advantage. But, it was worthwhile.

This sketch is taken before the beasties got luckier hits on us. These days, I wouldn´t dream of putting myself into this predicament. What my mentor says though, still holds true.

I don´t pretend to know it all. I make mistakes all the time, he didn´t make me a perfect warrior. No one can. What he did was to make me aware of the fighting as art. Because it is.

Since then I have been hunting and fighting alongside most of the famous warriors and healers in the lands. They have all , in their own way, influenced me. These scrolls are a tribute to them. These are my own interpretations, and some will agree on most, others will disagree on some things. To hear their views, go talk to them. They will be honored to teach a willing student.

So, a tribute to Jo Mamma, Slasher, Urgelt, Ananna, Geraldus, K´pyn, The PMs, Althea, White Wolf, Thuja, Yor and Gurgi. The list could go on, but these are the main exiles that have influenced me since I landed on west beach.

There are many other scrolls out there that tells you the basic things. Like : Don´t fight on red, keep your balance high, how and when to run etc. I will presume you already know all that, and have read those scrolls. If not, I have some links to other places as well.

I value skill over ranks. I am more impressed over an exile that meets a tree giant for the first time and survives, than an exile that can solo one. The first is skill - and maybe some luck, the other is training. There is nothing impressive about a fighter that can solo a green arachnoid, other than her/his ability level. Far more impressive is a skilled low level fighter able to dodge wendeckas that she hardly can brick, and chain fallens in the process. I´m not a "good" fighter because I can kill a regular Orga in one hit, or solo two Orga furies in the Colio. I´m hopefully a good fighter because I am intelligent and smart. How I choose to use all my lessons is more important than the lessons in themselves. There are low-level fighters I would rather hunt with than some high-leveled ones, because of their skill or lack thereof.

I am also a rather conservative fighter. I don´t charge into unknown territory without knowing at least something about what I will meet. I will gladly go if the chance of success is at an acceptable level. Meaning I of course take risks, but I don´t see the point if there is a 10% chance of success. Many times planning ahead will raise that chance of success slightly. And I simply loathe to depart, because it means I and/or the group I am with failed in what we set out to do.

The way I fight is also determined by how I have trained. I am not trained for tagging, I am trained for large beasties, the beasties I can learn from. To hit them regularly while at the same time doing damage to them. Atkus have always been my priority, followed by darkus. Everything else I have trained is merely to support those lessons. I´m low on troilus, his lessons only provide me running trough the forests hunting for coins, I´m have Rodnus instead. I can brick an Orga Frenzy, not because I have trained loads in Detha, but because I have trained balthus to keep up my swings after training atkus.

Surrounded by many little vermines, I am in deep doodoo. While other fighters don´t have any problems with that, as their troilus and fast regia will make sure they don´t even have a scratch after the vermines are dead, I am in that situation a slow giant being nibbled away by beasties I can hardly see..Keep that in mind when reading my scrolls. This is from the view of a that kind of fighter.