Finally it´s here. The Puddleby Encyclopaedia. A great source for any exile that wants to be educated and knowledgable about our land.
The Knight Sleipnir´s scrolls.
The Sentinel is the place where you can discuss all things Puddleby related.
The Clan I am proud to be a part of. Fellowship of the Red Quill
The Thoomcare Network News have recently opened.
Norm has a diary which he updates very often, Norm´s adventures .
Drablak the roaming mystic has grabbed the quill as well.
Kirth Gersen, a relatively new exile and his adventures.
Lundar has an excellent journal which is also updated every so often.

Koric now also writes a journal about his rescues and adventures.

Check out swc for Kira´s diary too.
Another interesting read, for swc at least, is Worf´s diary. Lots of thoughts about our lands, but also thoughts on mostly everything else.
A journal, from an anynomous that isn´t so anynomous after all.