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What you have found is my private little venting place. Although I vent and rant secretly to the growing group of on-line buddies, the online format is a short one, my thoughts are usually long and complicated and doesn´t fit into that format.Usually. Or rather, the language I use to convey my thoughts, is long and complicated. And, it´s not like I can tell my real-life friends about all these thoughts, as they simply lack the reference. Clanlord. I have tried mind you, but they get this blank stare, and they then start talking about something else. Pretty direct signal. So, talking and discussing Clanlord is something you would rather do with other players playing Clanlord. No one else really understands, or cares.

What interests me, is not the game-mechanics of the thing. Others posts long lists of ideas on how to make this or that work better, new items, new weapons etc. While that is interesting enough, what really grabs me personally - is the social interaction with others from all over the world. The roleplaying choices I make, the players I meet, the stories we create together. That is what draws me back into the game time and time again. Most of these rants/thoughts will be about that.

They are mostly based on my experience with playing Babajaga, as playing one as visible as she is - often is quite the challenge.