What I am or was has changed since my arrival in the lands. If you are a true friend, I will tell you my tale.

Know this, I am no exile. I haven't been exiled by the Dark One, although I do oppose him, now. For reasons better left untold, I am a soul thrown out from the wheel of life. Always in motion, never resting.

I have walked on the earth in different shapes and forms. trying to fulfill my mission, failing every time. And then sent back once more. Until someday, I may become free.

This may be the time. My time.

The colors on these scrolls are the colors of my soul. Red for life, black for death. Walking on the edge between these two, am I.

I have from time to time written down some of my experiences in the land. Often while in the meadow, surrounded by flowers and trees. These are some of my tales.

From a newborn exile

The OC incident