First Puddleby Pun Contest

[horz line]

The players (many puns were based on their costumes):

Papa, dressed as a polar bear
Merlisk, dressed as a Savannah Maha
Sleipnir, dressed as a Savannah Maha
Tarf, dressed as a drgonfly
Healery, dressed as a penguin
Tayra, not in costume
Nikolai Kyrilov, dressed as a Savannah Maha
Bones, dressed as blue-skinned Thoom
Myself, dressed as a sheep
Weezoh and Roowan, dressed as pumpkin-headed scarecrows
Prue, dressed as a sand wurm
Tuan, dressed as a gnome
Atomical, dressed first as Grank, then as a wyrm/dragon
[horz line]

€ It's 2:23am on day 37 of Summer, 535.
Tayra says, "I wonder if it's a good idea to show my face if I'm going to be punning"
Tayra says, "Perhaps I should get killed"
Nikolai Kyrilov asks, "So what about this pun contest?"
Sleipnir yells, "Clear space for the punning contest"
Merlisk yells, "No helpin' the contestants!"
Bones says, "I've always thought pun contests were pun."
Sleipnir says, "Tayra is a contestant also"
Sleipnir asks, "Tayra?"
Papa says, "not yet silly =)"
Healery asks, "What's the mane attraction?"
Tayra says, "It's a small word, after all."
Papa says, "i saved ya a seat Healery =)"
Merlisk exclaims, "stop!"
Merlisk exclaims, "No helpin'!"
Papa says, "hehe"
Healery says, "Oh, fur cryin' out loud."
Sleipnir ponders, "Ack"
Merlisk exclaims, "stop!"
Papa exclaims, "lol!"
Merlisk yells, "BABA?!"
(Papa rolls in the aisles)
Tayra asks, "Thou art a punster?"
Healery ponders, "I'd best stop, before I'm constrained to compete."
Sleipnir yells, "Tally Ho. For Babajaga the Fair."
(Myself lies down by Merlisk who he hopes will not let anything eat him)
Sleipnir says, "Healery, come join us"
Nikolai Kyrilov asks, "Bones? Tibia, or not tibia? That is the question?"
Papa says, "yum yum"
Papa says, "Ill have a leg of Myself"
Myself exclaims, "baa!"
Weezoh ponders, "oh no, he has my costume"
Sleipnir yells, "Who competes in the grand pun contest?"
Roowan ponders, "I was told this was an original"
Papa yells, "Merlisk, Sleipnir, and Tayra for now"
Healery asks, "Weezoh, don't you just hate it when you see yourself coming and going?"
Sleipnir ponders, "Who judges?"
Roowan ponders, "I better go stand across the square"
Merlisk says, "We'll need to take turns""
(Weezoh hangs his head low)
Merlisk says, "no goin' out of turn"
Tayra says, "How can I refuse? As a pacifist, this is the only form of PvP I have."
Papa says, "give the boys some room"
Healery says, "It really puts a slouch in your shoulders, I can see."
Papa exclaims, "oops!"
Papa says, "girl too =)"
Weezoh whispers, "I'm just top-heavy"
Myself exclaims, "baa ram ewe!"
Sleipnir says, "I, Merlisk, Nikolai, and Tayra then."
Healery says, "Psst -- your line is "That's the last straw!""
Babajaga says, "Uh oh both Healery and Tayra are participating.."
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "I once saw the King of the Apes in the desert,painting lines...when I asked what he was doing out of the jungle he said....."
Sleipnir says, "And Healery"
Babajaga says, "This looks bad for my love"
Phineas exclaims, "Invi-zo-ble!"
Papa says, "Healery stepped out"
Tayra asks, "Is this about punnin', or lyin'?"
Myself exclaims, "baaa!"
Healery asks, "I'm competing?"
Nikolai Kyrilov says, ""Tarzan Stripes Forever!""
Myself says, "baa (tring)"
(Papa shall judge)
WormTounge asks, "okay, what the bear facts papa?"
Healery says, "No, no, shaggy dog stories are not worthy."
Sleipnir says, "Papa shall judge"
Tayra says, "Last punster alive"
Babajaga exclaims, "Bad pun contest. Papa is the judge!"
Healery says, "Even shaggy lion."
Papa says, "seeing how he is the only one who can put up with you 4"
Merlisk says, "ok..."
Nikolai Kyrilov exclaims, "Are if they end in a pun!"
Sleipnir says, "Contestants, line up please"
Merlisk asks, "take turns?"
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "haven;t heard any rules prohibiting....only heard "pun contest""
Papa yells, "Grand Marshall Winnie The Papa presiding"
Marfisa says, "I think the lions share of the puns are taken already."
Tayra says, "Oh good, I can hide my name"
Sleipnir says, "Woops inside thezoo perhaps"
Healery says, "I am the pun-queen."
Papa says, "Psssst! the garden is on the OTHER side"
Papa yells, "how many contestants then?"
Healery yells, "Far too many."
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "Too tired to function at that level tonight"
Babajaga yells, "Listen to papa bear!"
Tayra asks, "What are the ground rules?"
Papa exclaims, "Papa Bear is right!"
Healery ponders, "Of course, one is two too many."
Merlisk asks, "I'll go 1st?"
Merlisk asks, "then we rotate?"
Papa asks, "Baba?"
Sleipnir yells, "Papa will explain the rules"
Papa asks, "be the other judge?"
Merlisk says, "no repeatin' puns"
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "No flinging grass, no eating the flowers....good ground rules"
Babajaga yells, "Papa bear is ALWAYS right"
(Atomical comes and trys to ruin your fun)
Tayra asks, "Are we the only four shameless enough to do this?"
Papa says, "one at a time"
(Merlisk nods)
Papa says, "no repeats or yer ass is grass"
Sleipnir says, "It appears so"
WormTounge ponders, "no sitting, or your ass is on grass"
(Atomical comes and trys to ruin your fun)
Sleipnir yells, "ARe we ready?"
Papa says, "and keep it within tastes, this IS a family show"
Merlisk asks, "ok...what's the material?"
Papa asks, "Wanna judge Tuan?"
Tuan asks, "me?"
Tayra says, "Atomical, there is nothing you can do to make a bad pun any worse"
Tuan says, "okie"
Healery says, "I'd love to. He's short, skinny , and he dresses funny."
Merlisk asks, "1 pun/turn?"
(Atomical works his meat er feet)
Healery ponders, "Teach you to leave out a comma."
Papa says, "indeed"
Merlisk asks, "all material?"
Sleipnir says, "Another contestant enters the fray"
Papa says, "one at a time"
(Myself isnt good to eat, really)
Papa says, "one pun at a time"
Healery says, "I would like to lodge a formal complaint."
Sleipnir asks, "Complaint, Healery?"
Healery says, "This contest cannot be considered complete without Kodo."
Sleipnir says, "Ah, of course."
Healery says, "Just for the record."
Prue says, "well that tuxedo certainly suits the complaint, Healery"
Papa exclaims, "The honorable garden gnome Tuan presiding!"
Tayra says, "Actually, she's tall for a penguin"
Healery says, "Thank you."
Healery says, "I predict this will end in a tie."
(Healery takes a bow.)
Healery ponders, "A bow tie."
Tuan says, "Who's honorable?? you take that back"
Papa exclaims, "ill do nothin of the sort!"
(Sleipnir blows a kiss to his love.)
Healery ponders, "I'm wasting all my best material here."
Tuan exclaims, "you will, and you'll like it!"
Babajaga yells, "let the contest begin!"
Papa says, "Marfisa has been added to the judges"
Tayra ponders, "A penguin with a waist?"
Prue says, "but fine material suits you well"
Tarf asks, "would it bug you to let me into the contest?"
Healery says, "Thank you, Prue."
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "Go laready, give em a subject and set em free"
WormTounge says, "fine feathers suit you aswell"
WormTounge exclaims, "a fine suit would suit you!"
Tayra asks, "Can Tarf join us?"
Healery says, "A fine suit might fine me, too, depending on the jury."
Merlisk says, "Papa, you know you like me best - you can't hide your lion eyes."
Healery exclaims, "Come on, people, I've been competing for 10 minutes already. Join the fray!"
Sleipnir says, "Boooo hisssss"
Papa exclaims, "next!"
Sleipnir says, "Very weak, very weak"
Babajaga says, "Ooo"
Tarf says, "buzz off"
Merlisk says, "go away, flyboy"
Papa says, "merl end of the line"
Sleipnir says, "Paw MErlisk is *bound* to lose with rubbish like that"
Papa says, "heh"
(Babajaga cheers.)
Merlisk ponders, "heh"
Healery ponders, "Hidebound?"
Tayra ponders, "Hee hee, Atomical turns on a dino"
Papa says, "subtle"
(Sleipnir cheers)
Papa says, "oh my"
Prue asks, "who made you the mane lion in charge?"
Babajaga exclaims, "Nice!!"
Papa says, "next"
Sleipnir says, "Can't *hide* from my cutting wit."
(Babajaga cheers.)
Papa says, "heh"
Merlisk says, "that's 2"
Roowan ponders, "have they no pride?"
Merlisk says, "only 1"
Sleipnir yells, "Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha"
Draupnir yells, "Boo!"
Healery says, "Aye, you'd have to run a fur piece to get away from it."
Papa says, "no"
Tayra asks, "What do you mane by that?"
Babajaga yells, "Hooray!"
Papa says, "okie"
Papa says, "judges gotta talk"
Merlisk says, "wait...round 2"
Papa says, "a LITTLE room wouldnt hurt"
Sleipnir asks, "Has Healery had her turn?"
Merlisk says, "yep"
Marfisa says, "They're a weak bunch, in the mane. They're taking it lion down."
Tarf says, "thanks, my mane man"
Papa exclaims, "ha!"
Merlisk says, "you're welcome"
Papa says, "good point"
(Babajaga laughs.)
Sleipnir says, "Of claws, we don't expect any better from Merlisk."
Merlisk says, " pun was purrrfect"
Tayra says, "That was a real Sleiper"
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "hehehe"
(Sleipnir laughs and laughs)
(Babajaga laughs.)
Tarf says, "your puns are buggin me"
Papa says, "a free ferall. We're gonna let ya bounce em off each other"
(Sleipnir coughs)
(Telisiane claps for Tayra)
Healery says, "Ah, good."
Healery says, "They're best when they're fresh."
Draupnir ponders, "He doth dare call himself a knight with speech such as that"
Merlisk says, "Careful, you're workin' on a CATastrophe"
Papa says, "heh"
Papa says, "well see"
(Babajaga claps)
Sleipnir says, "Fur goodness sake, that was a repeat"
Healery asks, "If Sleipnir loses and runs off, will he be a lion down on the lam?"
(Babajaga cheers.)
Tayra says, "I believe Atomical is trying to wurm out his welcome"
Merlisk says, "I'll just *claw* my way to the top"
(Telisiane snickers)
Sleipnir exclaims, "Merlisk is a cheetah!!!!"
Babajaga yells, "You go my love!"
Merlisk says, "oh"
Papa says, "LOL LOL LOL LOL"
Merlisk exclaims, "eek!"
(Vequalir grins.)
(Merlisk dies)
Tayra says, "You're lion and you know it"
Draupnir yells, "He goeth to the madhouse"
(Telisiane claps for Sleipnir)
(Babajaga laughs and laughs)
(Marfisa laughs)
(Healery blubbers.)
Sleipnir says, "Blubber is not allowed"
Tarf says, "you guys are just winging it...let a real pro have a chance"
Merlisk says, "oh my....we're fightin' thooth and nail here"
Kelan says, "hehehe"
Madame H says, "(:"
Sleipnir says, "Go Tarf"
(Healery flippers Tayra the... er, never mind, family show.)
Tuan says, "hee"
Tayra says, "Oh, don't get a feather ... oh, you can't help it"
Merlisk says, "Atom...shooo...."
Tarf says, "buzz off atomical"
Merlisk says, "You're extint here"
Sleipnir says, "NIce piece of tail, Merlisk, but a lousy tail told."
Merlisk says, "You're all dead and oily"
Atomical says, "Endangered."
Babajaga says, "Ooo"
(Babajaga cheers.)
(Telisiane is impressed.)
Sleipnir says, "Humour is the only endangered thing around here"
Tarf says, "cant we just get along fur once?."
Healery says, "We have a dragon fly and a dragon not-fly."
Tayra says, "Ooh, BK from Atomical, my puns must be getting better"
(Telisiane snorts)
Papa ponders, "even that is skecthy"
Marfisa says, "Come on, panther to the judges."
Sleipnir says, "They are punful Tayra"
Healery says, "I'm still the pun-queen."
Tarf says, "you arent very punny Sleipnir"
Sleipnir exclaims, "Help us out, Nikolai!"
(Babajaga laughs.)
Marfisa exclaims, "Oh nonsense!"
Healery asks, "Out?"
Healery exclaims, "We just got in!"
Atomical has been removed from the world.
Tayra says, "There goes the body of my material"
Tuan says, "I think the person who removed Atomical shoudl win :)"
(Sleipnir laughs)
Merlisk says, "paw-fect"
Tarf says, "Healery no puffin over there...put that cigarette out"
Healery says, "And the material of your body, if he'd had his way."
(Babajaga claps)
Sleipnir yells, "NExt subject please"
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "The day begins to dawn....dawn you see the doan in the east? (Oh my aching back!)"
Tayra ponders, "Eew"
Babajaga yells, "Go my love!"
Healery ponders, "Ick."
Papa says, "man"
(Babajaga cheers.)
Merlisk asks, "How 'bout the sheep ones? Ewe liked them?"
Armlok says, "=/"
Sleipnir says, "Hah, they were baaaad"
Tayra exclaims, "And I was just wurming up!"
Angel says, "ooh"
Tarf says, "i wool not like to do sheep"
Kelan says, "ohhh..."
Merlisk says, "I couldn't pull the wool over your eyes"
Healery says, "Sleipy can't do sheep puns. He's on the lam."
Papa says, "eeew"
Sleipnir says, "Ram them down their throats"
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "I wish you guys would quit woolgathering"
Merlisk exclaims, "ack!"
Papa says, "man"
Babajaga says, "Ooo"
Merlisk exclaims, "That's was "shear" terror!"
Tuan says, ""
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "I like horning in on these things"
Tayra asks, "Who are you dragon into this now, Tarf?"
(Sleipnir whales in agony)
Merlisk exclaims, "stop "butt"ing in!"
Healery says, "Such sheep shots."
Tuan says, "the horror..."
Sleipnir says, "ack"
Papa ponders, "what have we created?"
Bones says, "booo"
(Babajaga laughs and laughs)
Kelan says, "ooohgohhohohoh"
Healery says, "Shearly you can do butter than this."
Sleipnir says, "Sheep not whales"
Nikolai Kyrilov exclaims, "I'll fight you all, hoof and nail!"
Papa ponders, "but how?"
Sleipnir says, "Butter butters better"
Tayra says, "That whale strikes a cord with me"
Prue ponders, "healery is winging it now"
Lorian ponders, "that's so lamb"
Merlisk asks, "What does Sleipnir say to Babajaga?"
Tarf exclaims, "holy sheep!"
Healery ponders, ""wale""
Babajaga says, "Hmm.."
Merlisk says, "Mutton honey"
Tayra ponders, "Corduroy"
(Sleipnir is beaten, wooly nooly)
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "Some ofthose folks have hoof in mouth disease"
(Babajaga laughs.)
(Lorian giggles)
Tarf exclaims, "wool you stop that! ewe are buggin me!"
Merlisk ponders, "I'm "wearing" them down"
Sleipnir says, "Wether the weather be cold....."
Tayra says, "I think Tarf is dragon us all down"
(Healery begins to sweat... er, glow.)
Sleipnir says, "Or wether the weather be hot."
Tarf says, "dont be so thoomy Tayra"
Tayra says, "Sleip, if you weren't lion down on the job..."
Merlisk exclaims, "Let's do goats! I "kid" you not!"
Healery says, "Now you're just picking knits."
Sleipnir exclaims, "Ha!"
Papa says, "tarf.. make it a pun"
Tarf asks, "goat milk?"
Sleipnir says, "You big billy."
Tarf says, "you are just horny Merlisk"
Tayra ponders, "I've been upbraided"
Healery asks, "Have you no pride?"
(Merlisk grins at Tarf)
Nikolai Kyrilov exclaims, "Goat for it, Sleipnir!"
Merlisk exclaims, "ack!"
Papa says, "ouch"
Kelan exclaims, "hahahaha!"
Papa says, "nice healery"
Tarf says, "this is your golden hour Sleipnir and Merlisk"
(Sleipnir goats for it)
Merlisk exclaims, "I've "herd" enuf!"
Tayra says, "Perhaps Sleip needs to take a roar-schach test"
Papa exclaims, "whoa!"
(Sleipnir groans)
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "(We should quit goating these people intobad puns)"
Tuan says, "booo"
Kelan says, "yuk yuk"
Tarf says, "Lorian is purrty"
Healery ponders, "Hm, penguins have flocks. I'd best not go there."
(Sleipnir gives tup)
(Lorian smiles)
Papa says, "go all the way dearie =)"
Tarf says, "Prue is rather slugish"
Merlisk says, "Healery, you're just "winging" it"
Tayra exclaims, "Nik, that one Kyrls my hair!"
Draupnir says, "Sleipnir is a fool"
Healery says, "And you're flapping your tongue."
Merlisk says, "That pun won't fly"
Tarf says, "Bones has the blues."
Sleipnir says, "Sleipnir is a fool. That is an excellent pun"
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "Guildy as charged"
Marfisa says, "No, he's a violet man."
Sleipnir says, "Woops"
Sleipnir asks, "Or is it?"
Babajaga ponders, "Especially from his brother.."
Tayra asks, "Sleip, can you tell us why?"
Merlisk ponders, "She's "tux"ing my patience"
Sleipnir says, "Sleepnear me my Beloved."
Papa ponders, "a slight in centive..."
Healery says, "Bones looks a bit blue, but it's better than when he was fainting."
Tayra ponders, "... do fools fall in love?"
Tarf asks, "anyone gnome what Tuan is supposed to be?"
Sleipnir yells, "Oh Sleepnear me!!!!"
Phineas asks, "Why do t'rools fall in love?"
(Sleipnir sings his love.)
Merlisk says, "I can't tell, Tarf, he has a psuedo-gnome"
Draupnir ponders, "His mind is as rotten as his morals"
Papa ponders, "ohhh? gettin te judges?"
Nikolai Kyrilov exclaims, "Oh the paing....g'win with you!"
Merlisk says, "a gnome-de-plume"
(Kiera groans)
Healery ponders, "My very name is a pun -- does that count?"
(Sleipnir groans)
Tayra says, "I bed that's the best we'll hear all night"
Tarf asks, "how did Prue worm her way in here?"
(Healery pelts Merlisk with feathers.)
Draupnir asks, "Hey Healery, art thou open source?"
Merlisk says, "I'm tryin' to think of more gnome jokes, but keep comin' up "short""
€The Sun rises.
(Sleipnir groans at Merlisk)
(Healery feathers Merlisk with pelt.)
Papa says, "groan"
(Babajaga laughs.)
(Healery falls in love.)
Tayra says, "Well, this is a great cock up"
Tuan ponders, "someone make it stop!"
Healery says, "(I was awaiting the break of day.)"
Sleipnir says, "I need some help. Sunstone messages appreciated."
(Tayra crows)
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "Dawn wait for me, Sleip"
Babajaga yells, "Judged! Verdict!"
Healery says, "You'll eat that crow, Tayra, just you wait."
Tayra says, "We could all use a day break"
Sleipnir says, "She gulls them all."
Merlisk says, "Oh, come on, Tuan, you gnome this was going to happen"
Babajaga yells, "Who won!"
(Algernon smiles and looks around for Cygnus.)
Tarf asks, "hey if atomical falls, is it possible to dragon him with a chain?"
Sleipnir says, "Quit shagging around"
Tayra says, "Watch it, Healery, maybe Sleip will be eating crow soon"
Merlisk asks, "who cares, Tarf?"
Merlisk ponders, "Oopps..not a pun"
Healery says, "You're just fishing now, Tayra."
Marfisa says, "We don't know. The judges are on the fence about it"
Tayra says, "I thnk I'm doing swimmingly"
Sleipnir yells, "Verdict."
Healery asks, "What's the buzz?"
(Sleipnir groans again)
Merlisk says, "I think his evil "dwarves" the rest of undine"
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "I dunno, Tayra, sounds fishy to me"
Papa yells, "SHUTUP!!!! STOP IT!!!"
Healery ponders, "I'd say the audience loses."
Bones says, "extra points to whoever puns "agratis""
WormTounge says, "bear it out please"
Babajaga yells, "Listen to Papa bear!"
(Papa's head rings)
Merlisk says, "yep...audience loses"
Telisiane ponders, "hehe Healery."
Tarf ponders, "these spriggin jokes are getting to me"
Tayra says, "Tarf takes the prize for winging it"
Papa says, "Judges... mute the contenders"
Nikolai Kyrilov exclaims, "All these puns brought to you free, agratis!"
Draupnir says, "Sleipnir, stop embarrasing thyself"
Sleipnir says, "Puns on that come agratis"
Merlisk says, "'re just too jumpy for sprig jokes"
Papa says, "muted"
(Babajaga chuckles)
Tarf says, "Sleipnir and Merlisk were so bad they lost their pride"
Papa says, "ahh silence"
Tuan asks, "can we meet somewhere private and talk?"
Papa says, "okie"
Merlisk says, "They full of "rube" ish"
Tayra says, "But I'd say Healery beaked early"
(Sleipnir groans)
Draupnir says, "Stop embarrasing thy family name as well"
Papa says, "you can entertain the audience if you so desire"
Healery says, "Tarf is swarming up nicely."
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "That was very good Tarf"
(Sleipnir waves to Draupnir)
Tayra says, "Sleip manely suffered"
Sleipnir says, "Smile brother."
Tarf says, "Healery tux the incoming tomatoes"
Merlisk says, "Correct, Tayra, the towns "abuzz" about him"
Kiera yells, "Baba quit spying on the judges"
(Draupnir spits on the ground near Sleipnir)
Sleipnir asks, "What are we doing hair?"
(Algernon growls back at Shadowmutt, ̉Grrr.Ó)
Tayra asks, "Sleip, your brother Drauped in?"
Babajaga yells, "I am taking a..stroll.."
(Sleipnir groans yet again)
(Draupnir groans)
Merlisk ponders, "Good one, Tayra"
Sleipnir says, "He drauped down nir."
Tayra says, "Mer liskens will"
Healery says, "Nik, nice to see you Kyr."
Tayra says, "Don't let me get the draup on you over that"
(Sleipnir is silent for a space)
(Babajaga blows a kiss to Sleipnir)
(Sleipnir blushes)
Prue says, "he's not acting"
Merlisk says, "I'm glad he doesn't "sleip" on his knightly duties"
Healery ponders, "A blissful paws."
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "Ok, subject: ELECTRICITY"
Healery asks, "What's that?"
Tarf asks, "Are we Phineashed yet?"
Sleipnir says, "Every knightly I perform them"
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "Let's make light of the subject"
Merlisk asks, "huh?"
Draupnir asks, "Brother, is not this the very sort of behavior that did get thee exiled in the first place?"
Babajaga asks, "How do we make them stop when they first have started?"
Merlisk says, "that topic's too shockin'"
(Healery laughs.)
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "Not to menbtion revoltin"
Kelan says, "Good question"
Sleipnir says, "It's very bed of me, I know."
(Healery fields this one.)
Babajaga says, "Terrible new beasties we have created.."
Sleipnir says, "Oh, sheet."
Merlisk says, "We could get the contestents polarized on the topic"
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "Pardon...must meditate....OHM...OHM"
Kelan says, "We tampered in gods domain..."
Babajaga says, "Imagine meeting one of those in DC.."
Bones says, "ow"
(Babajaga shivers)
Bones says, "eeeeheh"
Kiera ponders, "ow?"
(Vequalir grins.)
Babajaga says, "Indeed so Kelan"
Kelan says, "Trapped in a room"
Prue says, "may I suggest that a waved key from the Purple Tor might fell one of them at least."
(Babajaga fears the future)
Healery says, "Revoltin', really. I must resist the urge."
Sleipnir asks, "ARe we done?"
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "We should conductor selves better"
Healery ponders, "So, is Nik trying to get himself inducted into RQ again?"
Babajaga says, "They are still at it.."
Vequalir ponders, "what a shocking sight"
Merlisk asks, "done?"
WormTounge ponders, "if he is, hes gota conduct himself better"
Tayra asks, "How can you level such a charge?"
Babajaga says, "Maybe Hekus needs to purify them.."
(Merlisk says the town loses)
Healery says, "Repulsive."
Tarf says, "i only caught the tail end of that one NikolaiKyrilov"
Healery says, "I know."
Merlisk ponders, "Baba's attractive"
Tayra says, "Don't be so negative"
(Babajaga hums softly.)
Merlisk ponders, "I'm positive"
Tarf ponders, "i hoipe my puns arent bugging nyone"
Sleipnir says, "Hay, leaf my love out of this."
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "You didn;t miss much, it was positively awful"
Healery says, "I'll stop punning for 110,000 coins."
Tayra asks, "Oh, now it's time for Baba's appeals?"
Healery says, "Don't be so negative"
Babajaga exclaims, "Yes!"
Sleipnir says, "Aye, look on the bright side."
Healery asks, "What's the attraction, really?"
Vequalir ponders, "Well I gotta Volt.."
(Tayra is willing to take the plunge)
Bones exclaims, "i contest these proceedings!"
Merlisk says, "I need "anode"ther electric pun"
Leogic says, "Hm.... how punny ;)"
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "I didn;t kite hear what you said, Sleipnir (stretching--Ben Franklin, etc.,)"
(Kiera covers her ears)
Tarf says, "booo"
(Sleipnir chuckles)
Healery says, "Key'p trying."
Tarf says, "bzzz"
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "I SAID it was stretching"
Sleipnir says, "AC (k)"
Tayra asks, "Are we currently on electric puns?"
Merlisk says, "Don't get all Tesla-ty on me"
Tarf says, "what a shocking subject"
Tayra says, "I might have to DC"
Kelan asks, "There were judges?"
Babajaga exclaims, "Oh yes!"
Nikolai Kyrilov exclaims, "Don;t telegraph your puns!"
Babajaga exclaims, "Two!"
Kelan asks, "Are they insane?"
Healery asks, "We'll just take it as red and shift to another, shall we?"
Sleipnir says, "At least they"
Tarf says, "ACtualy this topic aint so current/."
Vequalir ponders, "don't "Impede" my progress"
Tayra says, "I saw that one coming"
(WormTounge tries to insulate himself from the puns)
Healery says, "I think it's rather absorbing, actually."
Merlisk exclaims, "ack! Tarf!"
Sleipnir says, "AT least they're not poleish jokes"
Babajaga says, "Of course. What do you expect! they are exiles for Chum«s sake"
Babajaga says, "We all are."
Babajaga says, "Insane"
Merlisk exclaims, "Please insulate my ears from that pun!"
Sleipnir yells, "REsistance is futile"
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "Nopem they;re all phoney"
Healery says, "An acccurate reflection of our true selves."
Tayra says, "I'm such a scatterbrain when it comes to optics"
Bones yells, "mystic puns."
Tarf says, "i thought it was an electrifying pun"
Tayra says, "I'm completely incoherent"
Sleipnir says, "yep, youve got my number."
Babajaga says, "Now they have started and cannot stop.."
Healery yells, "New topic: mystic puns."
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "We have tha capacitor to keep this up all night"
Tayra asks, "Mystic puns?"
Leogic asks, "Should we sunstone them to death for causing us to loose mentus points?"
Sleipnir asks, "Mystic jokes too?"
Tarf says, " seriously...hahahaha"
Healery says, "Sure."
Tayra says, "I think Weezoh's are pretty cute"
Merlisk says, "Those puns are hard to "balance""
Kelan says, "It's a disease"
PyroManiac asks, "What's going on?"
Healery exclaims, "Woo hoo, Tayra!"
Manticore says, "Hmmm......"
Kiera yells, "haven't you judges decided yet and help us??"
Merlisk says, "But, I'll try if you don't "mind""
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "Its a fallen subject if you askme"
Poplar says, "Ah I see...they're in the zoo for being a spectacle"
Tarf ponders, "do mystics with bad breathe eat mentos?"
Sleipnir says, "Mysfics"
WormTounge asks, "you 6 need a haand?"
Healery says, "You're departing from the subjet there."
Kelan says, "I find it hard to resist sometimes"
Tayra says, "A gives Tarf token laughter"
Healery says, "Ooo, Worm, that was coal'."
Sleipnir says, "I'm *running* out of ideas"
Babajaga says, "But.. they cannot stop when theyhave started"
Merlisk says, "I think these puns are "Ballou"ing out of control"
Tarf says, "the interest in this topic is FALLING"
Healery says, "A token of my esteem."
Tayra says, "I can't believe we've fallen so low as to pick on the mystics"
(Sleipnir laughs and laughs)
Kelan says, "There must be a way"
Papa thinks, "the judges are deciding the prizes now.... the lineup has been decided"
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "I already did that one Tarf"
Merlisk asks, "I'm "guessing" that was funny?"
Kelan says, "Maybe if there were anothere invasion"
Tayra says, "No Ma'Ta"
Tarf says, "well it is mystics, thus it needs to be repeated over and over"
Armlok ponders, "make 'em stop"
Sleipnir says, "They are not even slaughterly funny"
Kelan exclaims, "you read my mind!"
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "NEW SUBJECT: EVIL EMPIRES"
Kelan says, "Only the gods can save us now"
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "This subject is in the Ascendance"
Healery says, "We're on that one already, Nik."
Tayra says, "Oh, good"
Tarf says, "what a Darth subject"
Merlisk exclaims, "No one can hold a "candle" to my mystic puns!"
(Healery grins.)
Bones says, "dont be russian to change the subject nikolai."
(Babajaga looks at the Pun monsters in the zoo)
Healery says, "Except Kandrus, Merlisk."
Tayra says, "I knew I was going to get burned on mystics"
Nikolai Kyrilov exclaims, "VERY Good Helaery!"
Nikolai Kyrilov exclaims, "VERY VERY good!"
(Merlisk smiles)
Sleipnir exclaims, "Luke over there, its Baba!"
Kelan exclaims, "That's where they belong, behind bars!"
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "Were this the competition I would bow to you"
Merlisk says, "they were "jack"ing around in their hut"
Tarf says, "im going to sabor that one"
PyroManiac asks, "who?"
Merlisk ponders, "some explosive humor"
Healery says, "We could call it a tie."
Sleipnir says, "Don't force it, Tarf"
(Healery adjusts hers.)
Kelan says, "The pun-mob"
Tarf says, "C3Pok"
Merlisk asks, ""
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "Hmm evil empires reminds me of two things"
Tayra says, "Do tell, Nik"
Merlisk ponders, "Evil empires?"
Prue asks, "why do they get prizes, when the audience is pun-ished?"
Sleipnir asks, "Are you D too?"
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "a fast food mascot; a sci fi weapon"
Leogic says, "Mentus fading...."
Telisiane ponders, "I wonder if anyone has ever fallen from bad puns."
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "Name the president"
Merlisk says, "Those Mobius-emperors are so one sided"
Leogic says, "Im falling to not so punny jokes :P"
(Sleipnir groans)
Tayra says, "Ray gun, of crouse"
Tarf asks, "wouldnt death by pun be punny?"
Nikolai Kyrilov asks, "But what about the fast food mascot?"
Sleipnir asks, "Where are the judges?"
Healery asks, "Is it possible to die from puns?"
Kelan says, "We may find out"
Merlisk ponders, "Those Mobius-emperors are so one sided - HEY! THAT WAS FUNNY!"
Healery says, "They died."
Tayra says, "Ronald"
Leogic says, "Trolliusing brain cells"
(Tarf Grimaces)
(Kiera is ready to cry)
Sleipnir says, "Aye, it was Merlisk, but we are not all mathematicians."
Healery says, "Collapsed into quivering pools of goo."
Tayra says, "If this contest goes on much longer, we're all going to get punted"
Sleipnir says, "Ooof"
Agratis Denden is no longer Clanning.
Merlisk exclaims, "we're gonna be PUNished!"
Sleipnir yells, "Judges!!!!"
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "I'll foot the bil"
Leogic says, "Must Regia the ability to .... tink..."
(Kiera sobs)
Merlisk exclaims, "we're gonna have to PUNenance!"
Healery says, "You've been pun-wished all evening."
Babajaga says, "The judges are still discussing."
Leogic says, "These jokes are punishment....."
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "Well get our PUNuppance"
Tayra says, "You fourfooters know best"
(Tarf bugs off.)
Leogic says, "These jokes are pun-ishment....."
Healery asks, "Tayra? You're fourfeeting?"
(Sleipnir groans)
(Bones bluuuues)
Nikolai Kyrilov asks, "How is a trio of naval non coms like Star Wars?"
Leogic says, "Maybe this is pun-ance for a past wrong Ive done...."
Agratis Mellin is now Clanning.
Merlisk asks, "4 feeter? You're callin' me a quadpod?"
Sleipnir asks, "How, Nikolai?"
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "Three CPOs"
Merlisk says, "too far outta genre"
Tayra says, "I wouldn't take that tuxta position"
Sleipnir says, "Ooooooofffffff"
Healery says, "A tetraped, even."
Aneilan says, "Greetings, Angela."
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "Not if youknow the whole story, Merlisk"
Leogic says, "I feel like my mind has been pun-ted into east field...."
Sleipnir says, "Let us paws to take stock now."
Merlisk exclaims, "Undine jokes!"
Farb Tukta is now Clanning.
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "Its in one of the Callahan's Salloon books"
Healery says, "Well, I have some potatoes, and some beets."
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "Deadly"
Sleipnir says, "Of corpse we can do those."
Healery says, "I could make a decent stock."
Tayra asks, "Oh, are you borscht?"
(Merlisk laughs at Sleipnir)
Nikolai Kyrilov asks, "Hooded we do those again?"
Angela yells, "Nobody knows the trouble I'm in..."
Healery says, "Of corpse."
Merlisk says, "Bones should judge these"
Natas says, "aye"
Nikolai Kyrilov exclaims, "We've got the audience wraithing in the grip of our feeble puns!"
Healery says, "Honestly, you're such a warrior."
Sleipnir says, "I'm wraithing in agony"
Babajaga yells, "the judges are here"
Healery says, "He's looking a bit anoxic."
Tayra says, "He would be the one to do the dirty dead"
Merlisk says, "What? These puns don't stand a ghost of a chance"
Papa yells, "shutup already!"
Merlisk says, "They can see right thru them"
(Babajaga grins.)
Madame H says, "oh hehehe"
Tuan yells, "for Gaia's sake, stop !"
Healery ponders, "I ptiy them."
Sleipnir says, "Be not faithless to me Beloved"
Merlisk says, "our motives are transparent"
Babajaga yells, "Stop! The judges are here!"
Healery ponders, "But not as much as I pity the audience."
Nikolai Kyrilov exclaims, "Lil ith the ability of the masses to stop us!"
Telisiane ponders, "THANK GAIA!"
Tayra exclaims, "Let no joke go to wraithed!"
Papa asks, "you want yer prizes or no?"
Healery ponders, "Um..."
Sleipnir says, "Ah yes, we do."
Tayra exclaims, "I want the ghoul medal!"
Papa says, "nice prizes"
(Sleipnir groans)
Madame H says, "O see"
Merlisk says, "We're DYING to hear the winner"
Healery ponders, "Muzzles?"
Nikolai Kyrilov exclaims, "be a Chum, tell us whowon!"
Merlisk says, "PUNish us please"
Sleipnir says, "Stop fishing for the result"
Healery ponders, "Gags?"
Papa says, "5th was...."
Tayra asks, "This does scratch a liche, doesn't it?"
Healery ponders, "restraining orders?"
Papa exclaims, "quiet!"
Tarf yells, "6th was tarf"
Papa says, "5th was tarf"
Kiera says, "yay"
Tuan exclaims, "yay Tarf!"
(Merlisk claps)
(Tarf cheers)
Tayra says, "Sixth prize is one week banishment.."
Sleipnir exclaims, "It wasn't me!!!!!"
Papa says, "who wins a cigar =)"
(Kiera grins)
Tayra says, "Fifth is two..."
Merlisk exclaims, "yeah!"
Papa says, "4th was Merlisk...."
Merlisk exclaims, "ack!"
Tuan exclaims, "yay merlisk!"
Healery says, "First prize is a month's banishment."
Kiera says, "yay for Merlisk"
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "Third prise is a month in Quincy, 2nd is a week"
(Sleipnir cheers)
Merlisk exclaims, "yeah!"
Babajaga yells, "Hooray for Merlisk and Tarf"
Papa says, "Who wins a cigar and 50c =)"
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "First proize is you don;t have to go to Quincy at all"
Merlisk exclaims, "cool!"
Sleipnir says, "First prize is a kiss from Baba"
Papa says, "3rd place was Sir Sleipnir..."
Tayra says, "First prize is a one-way ticket to Pt. Barrow, AK"
Healery ponders, "Erm..."
Merlisk ponders, "Wait 'til I have to pull Papa's thooth"
Sleipnir ponders, "Oh no, that's not right"
(Sleipnir cheers)
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "First prize is a kick in the.....never mind, family show"
Papa says, "who wins a cluster of spores and an OE"
Sleipnir says, "Oooooo"
Merlisk says, "Stop kitty-ing around"
Healery yells, "First prize is, you don't have to watch the movie I made of this."
(Sleipnir laughs and laughs)
Papa says, "and 2nd place......"
Papa says, "between Healery and tayra...."
Merlisk ponders, "They can't pay me to watch this movie"
Papa says, "Healery 2nd...."
Babajaga yells, "Hooray for Healery!"
Manticore is no longer Clanning.
Tayra says, "Yes, please, put it between us"
Papa says, "winning a boomerang and a beer mug"
Sleipnir ponders, "I must make Merlisk what this movie"
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "We'll send you the transcript, Merlisk"
(Healery hoots.)
Papa asks, "Tayra?"
Healery ponders, "Or whatever it is that penguins do."
Papa says, "Yer prize, is quite extravagant..."
Sleipnir says, "Penguins eat fish, Healery"
Tayra asks, "Healery, what ales you?"
Tayra exclaims, "A one way trip to resetus!"
Merlisk yells, "Wait! Healery wants to kill Batman!"
Sleipnir yells, "Huzzah for Tayra"
Nikolai Kyrilov says, "So, alewives are fish"
Papa says, "One, evening out with the thoomiest thoom, Papa >=)"
(Kiera grins)
Babajaga exclaims, "Ooooo!"
Merlisk exclaims, "nooooo!!!!"
(Tayra blushes)
Merlisk exclaims, "I'll save ya!"
(Tuan snickers)
Sleipnir yells, "What a prize!!!!!"
Merlisk exclaims, "run!"
Papa says, "100c...."
(Healery rolls on the ground.)
Crunch ponders, "Merlisk wanted first?"
Merlisk exclaims, "RUN!"
Papa yells, "and your very own chain!"
Tayra exclaims, "Woohoo! Six months earnings!"
Merlisk ponders, "kinky papa"
Healery ponders, "With which you can drag Papa somewhere else and leave him."
Papa exclaims, "stop the puns!"
Merlisk ponders, "kinky papa - bondage"
Tuan yells, "Grand Prize goes to however it was who took Atomical away! Yay!"
Poplar says, "Congrats to all! :)"
Sleipnir ponders, "This contest was rigged"
Sleipnir ponders, "The judge was biased"
Merlisk exclaims, "I protest!"
Healery says, "You'll have to do better than that if you want us to stop."
(Tayra gets to join the chain gang!)
Merlisk exclaims, "She made eyes at you the whole time!"
Kiera exclaims, "it's over!!"
Papa says, "contestants zip up yer lips and meet at the beach merchant"
Tuan says, "that were horrible Puns, tanks :)"
Merlisk yells, "Yeah! For the 1st Pun Contest!"
(Sleipnir slobbers on Healery)
(Healery drools fish on Sleipy.)
(Sleipnir slobbers on Tayra)
Healery says, "(Just beak-claws.)"
Kiera yells, "you're too slow"
Merlisk yells, "What? That's "rube"ish!"
Healery says, "You're a shadow of your former self."
(Tayra knows the measure of her mirth now)
... and thus it proceeded for some tens of minutes thereafter. But you've suffered enough.

[horz line]

The Puddleby Tales