The Diary of Pope Sleipnir. Read it at your peril.

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I'm HWC for Sleipnir and this is my diary. Not Sleipy's, mine. So if you're expecting archaic pomposity, you won't get it here, at least not so much. It's really mostly for my own benefit so I can remember all the stupid things Sleipy's done. I may let Sleipy have a word every so often, but I might not too. He's a bit of a pompous twat, so I won't let him say too much.

Of recent times, this diary has devolved from Clan Lord, becoming rather my own personal doings. Why should anyone care what I do in my life? Buggered if I know. If you don't care, don't read it.

If you're wondering what the hell this all means, read the I.A.Q. below.


1. Who is Sleipnir? If you need to ask this, you don't want to know the answer. Trust me.

2. What does H.W.C. mean? See 1.

2a. What is Clan Lord? See 1.

3. Who is Pope Sleipnir? Me. I just love the infallibility thing that comes with being a pope.

4. What's your real name? RTFD.

5. Should I care what Pope Sleipnir does in his life? No. He probably don't care about you, either.

6. What does I.A.Q. stand for? Jeez. It ain't rocket science. Work it out.

7. Is Pope Sleipy really 87 years old? Yes. You think that's funny? Go to hell.

8. What is the Pope's favourite colour? Hmmmm..... not sure on this one. I'll get back to you.

9. Does the Pope like cats? Sometimes. When they bite people that annoy him. Well, actually, he doesn't really mind them, but this knowledge is not for public consumption.

10. Does the Pope use Depends? Only on his bad days.

11. Is this diary really all just role-playing? Yes. It is all entirely fictional, with no truth in it at all. In reality I'm a car salesman in suburban Detroit. I wear polyester trousers and plaid jackets, I am unmarried with a dog, no kids, and no girlfriend, I live with my mother and I collect model trains for a hobby.

12. What should I do if I don't like your comments system, don't like your diary layout, think you should have more anchors and links, think the presentation could be improved, and generally just think that the Pope is a dickless wanker? Go roger a sheep.

13. Does the Pope like geriatric porn? No, not really. He believes that it is geriatric sexual exploitation.