Puddleby Task Force

Our main purpose is not to hunt, but to explore. To adventure. To gather as much as we can from places like Kismia´s isle , Tenebrion and Umbrion´s Keep . There will be vanquishes and beasties aplenty to meet on our path though, but that is not our main focus.

Umbrion´s Castle and Tenebrion´s Keep are connected via the Ethereal Plane. When we feel ready, we also want to travel the planes to further increase our knowledge about how the planes are connected and how they work. The Tower on the ethereal plane is also a point of interest.

* We meet once a zodiac and give this pursuit 4 hours ooc.
* Members of the group are required to follow the discussions in the list, read the postings, and to keep up to date with the areas of interest.
* Members are required to commit to at least 4 hours ooc once a week, on mondays.
* If for any reason they cannot participate on the specified day and a raid is planned, they must tell the group.
* The general rules of a group like this applies. What we find as a group we share as a group. We stand together and fall together. We share what we know with eachother. We don´t leave fallens behind etc.
* We have a kill on sight rule, no watiting around for tagging beasties. We fight to survive, not for the experience.

Fighters preferably fourth circle, healers preferably third circle, mystics who have trained Se´el/Ethreal Amulets - these are the ones that comprises the core group. Additional skills are also welcomed.

We have a No guests policy, but that might change during summer.

The group is now closed, as we have reached the desired number. The group shifts though, so if you want to be considered in the future, send us a note.

Current members are :
Fighters : Yor, Silky , Drue´Dremi, Entil´Zha, Babajaga, Olmy, Elenis, Shen Calin, Arkin, Kamik
Healers : Thuja, Shamhat, Slyph, Haenk, Kirth Gersen, Tharloch
Mystics : Drablak, Groan, Callia

Yor and Babajaga