Welcome to the Red Quill

Some information for all members:

Sign up for the Red Quill Clan and the Red Quill Friends mailing lists as soon as possible.
They can be found at:


We host a Hotline server at rqhl.dyn.dhs.org
If you would like access to it, email Brennan or Tuan.
If you need to download Hotline, you can get it from either BigRedH.com or else we host an older version here at Red-Quill.com

RQ meets every Saturday at 3pm EDT in the Healers' Library. At least, that's the theory. Attendance is often less than perfect.
Attendance while encouraged, is not mandatory, with the exception that the THIRD SATURDAY OF EACH IRL MONTH will be a for the purpose of a shared meal and swapped stories.

These meetings will not be for the purpose of conducting clan business, per se, but for the purpose of building IC relationships and clan cohesion, 'catching up' with one another and relating stories and significant events in our (IC) lives.
A clan hunt or exploration of some sort will likely often follow these informal meetings.

All members are welcome to red-quill email aliases (yourname@red-quill.com) and space on the red-quill website. Email Tim for more information