Hall of Seekers

Too much knowledge lost...
...too much yet unknown

The emperor, with the Darshak Theocracy lending him aid, has destroyed much of what was known about the lands. Shan'Deral and its communities, cultures, heroes and history -- the records of its days have been suppressed, revised, or otherwise 'erased'. The history of our families, of our homelands, of ourselves is diminished accordingly.

We find ourselves now in these Lok'Groton islands. So many questions unanswered. So many people, places, things undiscovered. Too many tales untold.

The members of the RQ Hall of Seekers would reverse this trend. We seek to unearth knowledge, ancient and new, via the exercise of various disciplines and arts (e.g. academic, philosophical, archeological, theological, scientific and even perhaps somewhat mystical endeavors). When we've found such knowledge, we do our best to set it down for posterity.

We desire never to control such knowledge, nor withhold it from others -- rather to be the sort of scholars, researchers, inquirers into the unknown who would gather it for preservation, making it available for public study and use.

In this endeavor, due to the dangers we face daily in such pursuits, we depend heavily upon the members of the Hall of Defenders as the patrons, protectors and supporters they have always been for us in this labor. Likewise do we look to and highly value the Hall of Artisans for their ever innovative insights and observations, keen senses of meaning and truth, and their most talented way of communicating knowledge to the eye, ear and soul as they offer interpretation of what has been discovered.

Our code of conduct, if it be rightly termed such, is simple:

Seek knowledge, that it be found.
Find knowledge, that it be published.
Publish knowledge, that it be studied.
Study knowledge, that it be understood.
Understand knowledge, that it be applied.
Apply knowledge, that more be sought out!

Seeker's Dictum: Do NOT interfere in another Seeker's research or otherwise undermine their work.