For prospective members

If you're thinking that you might like to join the Red Quill, then there are a number of things you ought to know, and (most likely) a number of things you think you know, but really don't. You will have heard a lot of bad things about us, and maybe even some good things, but most people don't really know much about us, and suffer from a number of misconceptions. Here, I'll try to address as many common questions as I can think of.

Question: Is the Red Quill an evil clan?

Answer: No, we're not, but we're not really a goody-good clan either. We don't require that members be nice to others, or follow the usual rules of "Help others, always be good, go on rescues, fight Mobius, aid the community, blah blah blah". We have only one requirement for members - that they be dedicated to the search for knowledge. Even if that knowledge is widely regarded as "evil" knowledge, we still respect it.

Question: Should I believe what the Dwarven Militia say about the Red Quill?

Answer: Hell no. They're just dorfs

Question: Will I get bad karma for joining the Red Quill?

Answer: It is possible you will. Some people are opposed to our ideas, and show their dislike by cursing us frequently. You may find some exiles hostile towards you, and others who want to stand around and argue aggressively. We believe in moral ambiguity. If you want a more clear-cut set of moral standards we're probably not the clan for you.

Question: Do you just do lots of pathetic scripted pseudo-roleplaying?

Answer: No, of course not. That was a dumb question. We've been around for a long time, and we have done one scripted drama (the Dolorous Knight). This was one of the first big roleplaying (RP) dramas in the game, and entertained a large audience for quite a while. However, the RQ has done only this one scripted RP event that I know of, and even that had an uncertain ending.

Since that time I don't know of any scripted RP things. As a clan we do like to RP a lot. Some of it is good, some of it isn't. Hey, nobody's perfect. And some of us don't really like melodrama at all, and just carry on quiet and normal lives. So we are a real mix. However, RQ members are expected to stay In Character pretty much at all times. We don't talk about our latest computers when we're online, at least not to strangers. We often do to each other, but that doesn't count :).

Question: But you do lots of Role Playing, yes?

Answer: All of our members like to role play, in every sense of the word. Sometimes that means you get an annoying Knight who speaks funny and indulges in melodrama. Other times you just get a normal (but poor) musician who hangs around Town Square waiting for handouts. Some members are quiet, others are not. We stay In Character and we usually encourage interactions with others who like to role play. But it's up to the individual how they approach role playing.

In some ways we provide a group of characters that are known to be interested in role-playing. In the past other clans or individuals have relied on this to instigate story lines, or interclan conflicts, safe in the knowledge that Red Quill members will play along, or at least not rubbish them for role playing. So Red Quill members tend to get involved in things.

Question: Do you get lots of GM help and favouritism?

Answer: No, we don't. Hell, Chum can't stand us, and that's just a start. We've had a little GM help with some of the things we've done, but not much. See the next question.

Question: Should I believe what Outcast says about the Red Quill?

Answer: Who'd be stupid enough to believe Outcast about anything? But he's great press for us and we love him dearly.

Question: So, what's the point of the Red Quill?

Answer: Nothing more (or less) than the search for knowledge. That is the whole point of the Clan. This could mean knowledge of fighting skills, of music, of Falinea, of the Orga, of language, of religion, of history. What we are not about is just being a bunch of chummy pals who all like to play a game together, hang out, and go hunting. Of course, we do some of that too. But that's not our mission.

Question: How do I go about joining?

Answer: Well, asking a RQ member is probably the best way. But it's best if lots of RQ members know about you, and if you've already demonstrated some commitment to the search for knowledge of one type or another.