Early December, 2000

Well, the Red Quill has lost our position as Dunilsar to what's their names. No big deal, we have all new webscrolls as a consolation prize. Hope you like the look!

Early October, 2000

The Red Quill just beat ELF in the Dunilsar competition (historical writings) and so is now the Champion!! Hooray, hooray. Congratulations to all who helped with this, and to everybody else also. Big hugs all around. The writing may be found here.

More changes being made every day to this web site as we try to get it up and operating again. The Clan pages are being redone now, and the membership pages.

Plans also underway for the forming of the Confederation. Conflict galore, and lots of blood. How exciting.

Sunday, Sept 25, 2000

We are still working on the site after the move to a new server. Many links still not functional, but hopefully - it will not last long. Our main focus is the Puddlebia, the library that will replace our old one, with every topic covered under the sun of Puddleby.
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